We were at the SIL in Barcelona

“La gran flexibilidad de OSI Global Supply Chain permite adaptarnos y dar soluciones ”

José María Castillo estuvo presente en el SIL 2017José María Castillo, creador de la empresa OSI Global Supply Chain B.V. Una compañía que a través de su plataforma, OSI Cargo System, coordina y controla todas las gestiones de logística entre clientes y distribuidores de distintos países y proyectos desde hace cuatro años.



Cargo SaaS

Transport Network Management


International Freight Fleet Management Warehouse Management Reliable Haulage Network Shipment Tracking Quality Standards and Certificates Direct Shipping Costs Centralized Freight Invoice

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  • Cargo Holder

    Very easy to use, fully comprehensive platform to work directly and efficiently with your transport network, organising daily orders.

  • Truck Driver

    Use OSI Cargo SaaS as a platform to facilitate your drivers job, receive to cargo orders, working paperless on the move and solve incidents in real time.

  • Transport management

    Use OSI Cargo SaaS to communicate directly and efficiently with clients, tracking cargo, planning daily services and control your cargo from collection to delivery. 

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√ Cargo correctly loaded

√ Accuracy of cargo documents

√ Real time incident management

√ Direct access to cargo information

and much more…

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