Introduction to OSI Global Supply Chain

In 2013 OSI Global began with one simple objective – to make road transport management simple, efficient and reliable.

OSI Global Supply Chain continuously improves and develop logistics and transport solutions to deliver a new approach for the organisation and management of  transport and logistics services.

What do we do?

OSI Global Supply Chain integrates processes, resources and technology to deliver a real supply chain solution, focusing on service quality and cost savings solutions for transport companies and cargo holders.

Our focus is on making road transport and distribution services for temperature controlled and general cargo more sustainable, efficient and cost effective.

OSI Global Supply Chain currently provides access to 1730 vehicles, 57 international haulage companies and 5 strategic distribution hubs for local distribution in Spain, Benelux, UK, France and Germany.

OSI Global Supply chain gives free access forever to cargo holders (clients) to OSI Cargo System which has been specially designed by our process engineers and transport management teams to help domestic or international transport companies to grow their business with consistent quality and sales support for transport companies to work directly with cargo holders (clients) in a simple, straightforward and efficient way.