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AI – Transport Management Solutions

OSI Global began with one simple objective – to make road transport management simple, efficient and reliable

OSI Global Supply Chain continuously improves and develop logistics and transport solutions. OSI Global Supply Chain offers a new approach for the organisation and management of transport and logistics services.

OSI Cargo System allows transport companies to pool their resources via a common platform and offer clients transport solutions to any destination in Europe.

OSI Cargo System integrates cross-docking activities through a combination of the latest Apple and Grabba technology, making it possible to process operations in a paperless way, generating and sending an invoice electronically as the order is registered.

There is a scanning app installed in an iPod to scan bar codes, record the signature for proof of delivery, print labels and communicate to the client exactly the status and whereabouts of their cargo.

In the transport sector invoices, POD’s or CMR’s are still sent by post, which increases the time to cash invoices in, with OSI Cargo System your clients can access invoices, POD’s and CMR’s or any other transport document in real-time.

OSI Cargo System has a simple, cost-effective solution designed to bring those companies wanting to enter the international market do so, together.