The Story Behind OSI Cargo

I had never won the lottery.

I was about eighteen years old when I came up with a different approach and created a little plastic pocket for a lottery ticket. I had it made to my precise specification and then went from door to door and sold the lot, the ‘business’ man was in me!

My company, OSI Global is evolving in a similar fashion. With twenty years of experience working in management for large multinational companies such as Nestle, Christian Salvensen and UTi Worldwide and subcontracting many small family based transport and logistics companies, I realised there was a niche in the market I wanted to explore.

I became aware that my role in the management side of the multinational companies was too far away from the day to day actual ‘business’ of the trade and more importantly the people. On the other hand, whilst working with the smaller family run businesses where I could see and be part of their day to day matters, I noticed that the local company owners were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their businesses in the competitive transport market.

I then set out to create the best of both worlds; a way for local companies to access the latest technology at a low cost through an easy to use collaborative platform and enter the wider market together. I called the platform OSI Cargo then approached many local and international specialised transport and logistics companies and asked them to join.

Our central office is based in The Netherlands and to date our members have established regular full truck load services, direct delivery shipments and warehousing solutions as well as supply chain projects for clients overseas. I am enjoying the challenge of setting up our family business and look forward to helping yours to go global very soon!